Vacuum System

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Vacuum consolidation method is a system used to speed up consolidation of soft soil using vacuum pressure, this method  is very important to effectively and efficiently optimise vacuum pressure system. Using vacuum consolidation method has several advantages over embankment loading, no fill material is required, construction periods are generally shorter, great economic value and does not put any chemical admixtures into the ground.

Conventional Method VS Vacuum Method

  • Embankment Load
  • Vacuum Pressure Load (7 tons/m2)
  • Stress distribution happen because of load. Effect of stress distribution is settlement of neighbour buildings.
  • Stress distribution does not happen because there is no embankment load.
  • To prevent embankment failure, additional device is needed (stress path), to control ground of embankment.
  • Additional device is not needed to control embankment ground failure.
  • Failure Mechanism is a sliding so that ‘squeeze out’ happen on slope foot of embankment.
  • Failure mechanism is punching shear.
  • Layering time is slow because soil volume is H.
  • Layering time is short because soil volume for embankment is ?H.
  • It needs a long time to layer up the embankment because value of µ is positive.

t = c + (s – µ) tanf

  • It needs a short time to layer up the embankment, because value of µ is negative.

t = c + (s – µ) tanf

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