Installation Wall System

Services: PT. Geostructure Dynamics gives you the solution to installing wall system.

Application at wall system installation i/e :

  • Embankment ¬†Wall
  • River Wall
  • Highway Interchange
  • Bridge Abutment
  • Slope Repair
  • Mountainous Highway
  • Housing / Commercial / Industrial Development
  • Vehicle Underpass
  • Private Residence

Wall system is a system of retaining walls are reinforced with galvanized stell reinforcement rods and anchor with precast concrete blocks. Vertical side panel consisting of modular hexagonal shaped concrete between concrete panels interlocked with one another concrete panels.

Wall system is made of material that is used to mix concrete and then molded in a hexagonal shaped mold.

Wall system products are engineered to give the impression that the walls of architectural aesthetics, flexible, providing solutions that are cost effective, quick and easy installation.

The Sequence of Geotube Installation :

Sequence of installation geotube will as directed by the project engineer and/or specifications in relation to all drawings and log "as built". Geotube construction will reach a maximum or until the rejection as defined in the specification and logs.

Method of wall system installation

  1. Earthwork

    • Site Clearing

      Subgrade should be cleared of stones, wood, vegetation, water, or objects that could harm the wall system. If the base soil quality is not good then it should be covered with geotextile back then backfilled with soil that has a better quality.

    • The Foundation Jobs

      Foundation shall be constructed by the earthwork contractor (unless otherwise specified in the contract). The length, width and depth of the foundation as on drawings and specifications. This work must be done before the installation of wall panel system.

  2. Fabrication Concrete Wall Panel System And Concrete Anchor Blocks

    Fabrication performed in place if the project location remote from the location of the manufacturer, this is to save the cost of freight transportation.

  3. Installation Of Concrete Panels And Concrete Anchor Block Wall System

    Sequence of installation of concrete and concrete block anchor system, before the concrete panels placed on the foundation that has made, the first metal plate placed on the foundation as the contour patterns after it concrete panels placed over the metal plate. Completed the installation of concrete  panels continued with the installation of concrete anchor blocks a linked with iron bars galvanized. After finished the installation of concrete anchor blocks then continued with the deployment of geotextile over the concrete anchor block and then backfilled with soil, leveled with a bulldozer and compacted with a vibro roller. To the next step installation process same the previous step installation process to desired height of wall system.

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