Installation Geotube

Services: PT. Geostructure Dynamics gives you the solution to installing Geotube as the controller of abrasion and erosion due to sea waves or waves of the river water.

Geotube is a material made of geotextile material with high tensile strength and are manufacture in a state of ready-made so that only requires filling and placement of project location. Geotube in the implementation can reach lengths of 15-25 meters, depending on the diameter of the need for the requested.

Geotube main function is as a substitute for retaining core of the building or breaking waves and waves of water that normally uses material from the stone, so geotube can be categorized as an environmentally friendly material and facilitate the construction of the breakwater barrier from waves of sea water or waves of the river water.

The Sequence of Geotube Installation:

Sequence of installation geotube will as directed by the project engineer and/or specifications in relation to all drawings and log "as built". Geotube construction will reach a maximum or until the rejection as defined in the specification and logs.

Method of Geotube Installation:

  1. Preparation

    • Site Clearing

      The site must be cleared of stones,wood, plant,vegetation or other sharp objects to prevent damage or ruptrure geotube.

  2. The Installation Geotube Procedure

    • Material

      Geotube material placed at the surface and low tide when water level was high tide geotube will be submerged. Before geotube placed first subgrade covered with geotextile.

    • Filling Geotube Work

      Geotube generally filled with a non cohesive soil such as sand or mud by using a high pressurized pump. Property geotube to consider is the permeability, pore openings and high tensile strength. For obtain the desired height, geotube could have filled more than once, considering the water content in the solution of sand large enough. Height can also be achieved by stacking several geotube. There are some holes in geotube filler mixture (inlet) and hole (oulet) in which the water out when geotube is fully.

    • Finishing

      To prevent damage due to scour geoutube from waves sea water or waves from river water, puctured sharp objects or act of vandalism over the surface geotube can be covered with concrete matrass.

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