HSE Public Statement


PT. Geostructure Dynamics are very concerned about the policy on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), which reflects the aim to protect people, assets and environment. HSE implementation of PT. Geostructure Dynamics requires sustained dedication, teamwork and the recognition of the impact and a very broad interests of the HSE in the life of the company and its employees.


As a company that provides construction management services operating in the field of geotechnical and infrastructure, it is our commitment to implement and HSE Program and inculcate a safety culture in all aspects of our operation.


  • Comply with all national and local government regulations governing the Health, Safety and Environment
  • Running / include resources sufficient to achieve effective HSE implementation programs in all areas of operations.
  • Communicate openly in all its activities, and report the performance of HSE, HSE in order to disseminate information exchange and technology to all employees and leadership.
  • Providing encouragement through positive interaction within the organization PT. Geostructure Dynamics, to follow the development of the construction world, especially in the implementation of programs to support the HSE operational.
  • Conduct investigations of all accidents, seek remedial action and the development of a culture of safe work behavior at all levels within each division / department.
  • Strive to prevent the incidents / accidents in the work culture of PT. Geostructure Dynamics.
  • Recognize that health and safety Environment (HSE) is a component of intact and can not be separated from all operating activities of PT. Geostructure Dynamics.

Based on the above goal, made various efforts to provide a genuine training to management and employees, where the future is expected to reduce the accident rate / work risk.


  1. Using a strong consideration, common sense and safe work practices in all work performed in the workplace.
  2. Having a commitment to the environment and ensuring that operations run as an acceptable way to the local community.
  3. Setting targets and measuring the ability of demand to ensure a continuous improvement of safety practices, occupational health and the environment.
  4. Protect all persons / parties who are in the working environment of PT. Geostructure Dynamics, of the dangers associated with the group activities. The employees and subcontractors are encouraged to participate actively and accept personal responsibility to minimize the danger.
  5. Ensure that responsibility for implementation and practice of this policy is not only entrusted to the leadership of the company, but also involves all employees to work together to ensure a workplace that is safe, healthy and environmentally friendly for everyone.
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