Company History

Geostructure Dynamics was founded on February 6, 2006. With the aim to tackle projects that focus on systems outside of Geosynthetic soil improvement.

In its development in 2007 the final construction division of PT. Geosinindo enter into Geostructure Dynamics. So PT. Geostructure Dynamics attempted in the field of soil improvement by using Geosynthetic and Geosynthetic outside the system. In 2008 the middle started to spread to areas of the business environment by using Geosynthetic materials so that since 2008 the business became a specialist contractor in the field of Geotechnical and environment.

With so many industries and the needs of today's humans who produce waste, whether liquid or solid form, the man began to think that the utilization of waste to be used as fuel / power so that the effort to utilize waste quality shows in the future business prospects. So Geostructure Dynamics began to explore the new areas of business as kontraktok who worked on the means for processing the waste into alternative energy.

Besides, the field of soil improvement efforts continue to run with the approach toward a package system that allows users of the system in controlling the results because the process is under one roof / hand.

Vision and Mission


Being a profesional and leading geotechnical and Specialist Construction Company in Indonesia with emphasis on environmental and social aspects for the development of Indonesia's development


  • Carry out work in professional and management responsibilities
  • To provide the best outcome to all stakeholders
  • Increased technical capabilities and management to the experts, employees and management to progress together

Message From The Chairman

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our company through this website. Geostructure Dynamics become to the business infrastructure majority in geotechnical & environment contractor.

Our construction operations continues to secure new work and repeated orders by targeting those project on which we have a competitive advantage either through a specific technical competency, a strict time schedule or a successful track record with any of our clients.

We continued to believe that our strong management team, our commitment to quality, time schedule and our ability to react quickly to new opportunities and problems will  ensure a significant level of growth and profitability for the coming future.

We also maintain a consistent focus on quality in its various forms. Our systems so that quality is a common thread that runs through. Everything we do, we bring quality to our business by specializing and concentrating our energies in geotechnical & environment project where we have the highest level to expertise. We add quality to out projects through the many innovative services what we offer, such as specially tailored, knowledge and well developed, construction capabilities. We instill quality in our people through rigorous training that extends. for beyond core competencies to include specialized skills for each individual project.

This has made us the partner of choice. For many of Indonesia’s most prestigious geotechnical & environment projects and has earned us an enviable list of repeat customers.

It works on the active conduct of business by sincere posture as the enterprise, that creates the new social climate succeeded to the next generation. without always challenging based on " Sense of responsibility attention " and "with heartfelt sincerity” of the company’s operating philosophy, and being contented with the history and tradition that the guide has built up.

Sincerely yours,

Ir. Hartanto Legowo

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