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PT. Geostructure Dynamics

Currently the Indonesian infrastructure development towards better, supported by relatively better macro-economic situation. Unfortunately, the infrastructure that was built suffered many damage due to be handled by companies that are less professional. This happens because of lack of calculation, planning and the ability of the company. Therefore, required the company that is specifically and professionally supported by competent experts in their field and supported by high-end equipments.

PT. Geostructure Dynamcis is a construction company that positioned itself as a company that specifically deals with the construction of which is specialized in the field of soil improvement systems. In providing construction services, PT. Geostructure Dynamics equip themselves with experts and most up to date equipments to eliminate problems and obstacles as mentioned above

Herewith, we attach to our company profile to be taken into your further consideration of the cooperation, which hopefully can be done well.

Our Services

Geosynthetics Installation


Vacuum System

PT. Geostructure Dynamics give you solution for Geosynthetics Installation like Reinforced Earth Structure, Geomembrane, Vertical Drain and Gas Capture.

PT. Geostructure Dynamics give you one stop solution for your soft soil consolidation problem.

Installation Geotube

Installation Wall System

PT. Geostructure Dynamics gives you the solution to installing Geotube as the controller of abrasion and erosion due to sea waves or waves of the river water.

PT. Geostructure Dynamics gives you the solution to installing wall system.

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Kompleks Roxy Mas Blok C5 No. 2
Jl. K.H. Hasyim Ashari 125
Jakarta 10150, Indonesian
Phones : +62 (021) 6304403
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Fax : +62 (021) 6304577
Email : office@geostructure.co.id